Examples for researchers

Case types

Examples of what researchers must file

Visits from external parties
  • Dialogue with a foreign PhD student (when an agreement is made)
  • Visiting professorships
  • Mobility applications
  • Activity plans for research programmes and centres
Data processing agreements
  • Background material for informants
  • The agreement itself
  • Disclosure of data, e.g. to other universities
  • E.g. agreements with AUFF, FKK, EU and Carlsberg
Research projects with external funding
  • Collaboration agreements, e.g. research collaborations

When a project involves external collaboration agreements, we recommend filing the majority of all correspondence right from the beginning of the project.

Collaboration agreements

When collaboration involves external collaboration agreements, we recommend filing correspondence establishing mutual expectations and similar.

Kontrakter om indkøb og udlån af udstyr
  • Research equipment and similar
Conferences organised by AU
  • Materials from events and conferences hosted by AU – both on and outside campus
  • E.g. invitations, programmes, etc.