Brightspace replaces Blackboard as AU's new learning platform.

The teaching credits system

The teaching credits (K) system is the department’s internal norm registration system, which is used to keep track of the teaching activities of our members of academic staff as well as administrative tasks.

PhD Planner

This system is used by PhD supervisors for approving PhD plans and semi-annual evaluations, among other things.


STADS-VIP is a system where examiners and co-examiners register the student’s exam results online.


Go to the Timetables webpage.


 Ouriginal is a system for the automatic control of plagiarism in written assignments.


Access to WISEflow:

Find user guides, login guide, and WISEflow support:


RejsUd is Aarhus University’s travel and expense settlement system. 
Read more about RejsUd at

CWT portal

You can book trips online on the CWT portal. You can also check in and see your itinerary and a range of other information about travel. Read more about booking flights at


Using PURE, AU staff can add their CV, publications, area of expertise and research etc. to their personal webpage.

On, you can read more about PURE's functions, find user guidelines and log into your web pages.

See also the page 'Reporting research', where you can find a range of information about PURE, user guidelines, contact persons and much more.


ReAp is a system that is used to keep track of the external funding.

WAYF login

Aarhus University uses WAYF login (Where Are You From). This login can be used for multiple AU systems, e.g. AULA. You can get a login at


Workzone is AU's filing system. 

See what you need to file and where to find help.