Library service

Liaison Librarians at the Department of Political Science

At the AU Library, Bartholins Allé we are three liaison librarians, delivering library services specifically for students and staff at the Department of Political Science.

Steffen's fields of work

Provides courses in:

  • Information search
  • Data analysis in Excel

Other tasks:

  • Purchase of books for the collection within political science
  • Course collection
  • Reading list service
  • Pure contact person
  • Open Access enrichment
  • Bibliometric analyses

Kirsten's fields of work

Provides courses in:

  • Information search
  • Data analysis in Excel
  • Data management

Other tasks:

  • Bibliometric analyses

Steffan Mulle Markussen

Information Specialist

Steffan's fields of work

Provides courses in:

  • Information search
  • Reference management in EndNote
  • Data analysis in Nvivo

Other tasks:

  • Reading list service
  • Bachelor exams at Brightspace

What types of services can we help you with?

Below you can see what types of services we can help you with as liaison librarians. You can get a full overview of the AU Library services at the library's website

Books and articles

Books and articles that you cannot find in the library database can be ordered as interlibrary loans.
In case of newer books, we can buy the book for the library. Send your proposal to Steffen, who will buy the book electronically or in print.

Political Science subject guide

Our subject guide for Political Science contains information and links to valid sources within the field. The selected content is based on the enquiries we receive from students and staff. The page is an attempt to help the students get an overview of the most widely used resources. Please contact Steffan with suggestions for changes to the page.  

Data Management

How do you prepare a good data management plan? How do you make your data available to other researchers? Where can you publish your data?
We can help you answer these and other questions about data management.
Contact Kirsten for more information. See also AU Library - Data management.

Open Access publishing

Aarhus University has an Open Access policy, but what are your options for publishing Open Access?
Steffen can help you answer this. See also the AU staff page - Open Access at Aarhus University.  

Book a presentation or course

We are happy to do courses or presentations on topics of interest for the department or your team.
Contact us with a proposal for a topic you would like to know more about.  

Teaching for the students

Every year, in collaboration with the director of studies, we plan which courses we offer to the students during their studies in Political Science.
However, we also have the opportunity to do a specific course for your class or seminar. Feel free to contact us if you want us to teach specifically within your subject or seminar.

Literature searches and projects

If you are in the process of doing a literature search for a project or a review article, we are happy to help you. We advise on which bases are suitable for the subject, how you can design a good search string, etc.
Contact us or see more at AU Library - Systematic literature searches.

Reference management tool

EndNote is a reference tool, which assists you in keeping track of your sources and ensures that everything you refer to in your written work will appear in your bibliography. A bibliography that your reference tool automatically will create for you, in the output style of your choice. At  AU, EndNote is the only officially supported reference management tool.
As a (student or) employee at AU, you are free to download and install EndNote.
Contact Steffan for more information.
See also AU Library - Reference tools/EndNote.


If you create an alert, you can be notified by email when, for example, a journal publishes new articles or  relevant articles are added to an article database. Steffen and Kirsten can help you to set up the different types of alerts.
See also AU Library - Alerts.  


If you need help with Pure, for example for your Pure profile, for reporting publications or for Pure-ORCID synchronisation, you can always contact AU Pure Support or Steffen, who is the department's Pure contact person.
See also the AU staff service page at AU-Pure.  

Syllabus services

We go through the syllabus for each course sent to us by the person responsible for syllabuses at the department. We check the literature in relation to agreements with Copydan as well as licensing contracts with Danish and international publishers. We check that access to electronic resources works. Relevant books from the syllabus are purchased in either printed form or as e-books to the library at Bartholins Allé.
See more at AU Library - Semester literature when you are teaching.

Previous BA-exam sets

Previous exam sets during the bachelor's degree programme in Political Science are scanned and posted on Brightspace, so the students can access them when they need to prepare for the exam in the individual courses. There are exam sets for the past five years.
Please contact Steffan if you have any questions or see more at AU Library - Previous BA-exam sets.

Text mining

Do you need to analyse large amounts of text or bibliographical data?
We can help you find the tools and advise on, what you are allowed to do in the licensed resources. Contact Kirsten for more information.  


A researcher-ID is a unique, permanent identification number that identifies you as a researcher and ensures the correct affiliation of your publications, activities and grants. Kirsten or Steffen can help you if you have any questions or problems with your researcher ID, e.g. in connection with ORCID iD, which AU recommends that the researchers have. Se also AU's site on ORCID and Pure.