Travel and conferences

Travel and travel expense report

Employees can find information about insurance when travelling on AU's website about travel insurance. Employees can also get a credit card. You may only use the credit card to pay for expenses which must be reimbursed by the department. Always remember to keep all your receipts.

As a rule, do not use the credit card to pay for meals. Your food expenses are covered by the per diem allowances.

You normally book airline tickets via the university’s travel agency CWT. However, you can also place an order directly with an airline if they offer a lower price. You may not order tickets via other travel agencies. Please note that Momondo, Expedia and others always link to travel agencies.

When you return from a trip, you must hand in all your receipts to your financial staff member, who will then make sure your expenses are registered in the RejsUd system.

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