Lunch scheme

The lunch scheme at the department is delivered by “Kemisk Kantine” and consists of a delicious meal made from seasonal quality ingredients. It is also possible to order a vegetarian meal. The price is 30 DKK a day.

Registration and payment

You will need to order and pay via a small system called Kanpla, designed specifically to handle lunch orderings. Once you have created an account with them, it is very simple to order and pay. Please visit to get started or download their app on your smartphone. Unfortunately, they only have a Danish version of their app, but they are working on an English one.    


Deadline for registration is at 1 p.m. on the weekday before the day you want lunch. (For lunch on Mondays, deadline is the Friday before at 1.p.m.).

Lunch for guests

It is also possible to order meals for guests via the lunch scheme. Please choose “Guest Orders” at the front page of the app and order the number of dishes that you need. Please remember to list the participants by their names (including yourself and department colleagues) and indicate the project that will be paying for the lunch.

In the case of private guests where the department does not normally pay for lunch, you order and pay for yourself and your guest via the registration link. This opportunity must be used with consideration as the lunch scheme is primarily for the department's employees and guests.

The deadline for ordering lunch for guests is the same as for staff stated above.