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Anna Christine Dorf. Photo: Aarhus BSS Kommunikation & Eksterne Relationer

2020.02.10 | Staff

New PhD student

Anna Christine Dorf is new PhD student at the Department

Matias Engdal Christensen. Photo: Aarhus BSS Kommunikation & Eksterne Relationer

2020.02.10 | Staff

New PhD student

Matias Engdal Christensen is new PhD student at the Department

2020.01.27 | People

You must seize the opportunities

On 31 January, professor and electoral expert Jørgen Elklit bids farewell to the Department of Political Science after 50 years. In this interview, he reflects on a long and productive career full of exciting experiences and on the great changes that have taken place at the university and the department.

Jørgen Elklit in front of Aarhus University where he has worked for 50 years. Photo: Lars Kruse (at AU's annual celebration in 2016)

2020.01.27 | People

Electoral expert Jørgen Elklit rounds off his 50-year career

Jørgen Elklit celebrates 50 years as a researcher and resigns as a professor at Aarhus University. However, the internationally recognised electoral expert and adviser for fledging democracies, and democracies affected by conflict will continue to share his knowledge in research and dissemination projects.

Associate Professor Tore Vincents Olsen looks forward to working on the new project “Populism and Democratic Defence in Europe”, which will run over four years. Photo: Ingrid Fossum

2020.01.24 | Grants

DKK 7.5 million for research into democratic self-defence

Tore Vincents Olsen and his international colleagues have received DKK 7.5 million from the Carlsberg Foundation to explore how European democracies may defend themselves against pressure from populist parties.

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