New PhD Student - Julia Harune Nennstiel

Julia Harune Nennstiel
Julia Harune Nennstiel Photo: Private

Hi everyone 

my name is Julia, and I recently joined the department’s PhD programme and the IR section. Before coming to Aarhus, I studied Philosophy and Political Science/International Relations in Germany and the UK. 

In my project, I hope to explore how security forces come to respond to anti-regime protests in particular ways. I would specifically like to learn more about how temporal developments (such as changes in protest size) and events (such as government concessions to the opposition) affect the chances that the military or the police subsequently withdraw their support from the government. In terms of methodology, I am considering using time-series data at the moment but am still very much in the midst of exploring different possibilities. – This is probably one of the many things that I will be discussing in length with Jakob Tolstrup and Merete Bech Seeberg, whom I'm deeply grateful to have as my supervisors.

 In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music. I'm particularly fond of certain classical music but generally like various genres and instruments. To get some exercise, I also go cycling occasionally (that is, when I feel like it :). 

 I look forward to getting to know you and your research better and will be delighted to have a chat, whether that's at my office (1332-223) or some other place!