New PhD Student - Emilie Farø

Emilie Farø
Emilie Farø Photo: Private

Hello everyone!

My name is Emilie Farø (Faroe in English), and I just started as a PhD student in the Sociology Section here at the department on September 1st.

My PhD project examines potential biases in media, public and state responses to political violence inspired by different extremist ideologies. I am particularly interested in analyzing how and why far-right violence tends to receive different public responses compared to Islamist violence – specifically, often fewer, or milder responses focusing mostly on mental health issues as a driving factor rather than ideology (and vice versa in cases of Islamist violence). I look forward to working in-depth with this project under the guidance of my main supervisor, Lasse Lindekilde, and my co-supervisor, Rune Slothuus.

I hold a bachelor’s and master’s degree in political science from the University of Copenhagen and have two years of experience working at the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg – both during my studies and as a full-time employee. I recently moved to Aarhus after more than six years living in Copenhagen, but am originally from the nearby town, Silkeborg, so I know my way around the city (most of the times at least 😊).

In my leisure time I enjoy working out, reading, cooking, and hanging out with my boyfriend, friends and family. I especially love to explore the city’s many nice coffee shops, eating places and bars – so if you have any good tips, please let me know! When I have the time and money I also love to travel and recently discovered hiking as a very fun activity (better late than never 😉).

Feel free to stop by my office for a chat or if you have any questions. You’ll find me in Building 1331, Room 222 (I’m at the desk behind the door, so I’m easy to overlook, but please just step in or knock). I look forward to meeting all of you!