New PhD Student - Alexandra Columban

Alexandra Columban
Alexandra Columban Photo: Private

Hello everybody!

My name is Alexandra and I happily joined CEPDISC on February 1st as a PhD Fellow. My research project centers on the study of discrimination against Roma on the labor market from two angles: a philosophical and an empirical one. From a philosophical standpoint, I would like to conceptualize Roma discrimination and potentially distinguish it from other types of ethnic discrimination, and, empirically, I intend to test whether the high levels of labor force nonparticipation among Roma may also be attributed to discrimination in hiring. In doing so, I would also draw on my professional experience in the nonprofit sector, directly addressing discrimination and inequality in Romania. I am grateful to have Nicholas Hass and Andreas Brøgger Albertsen skillfully guide me in this ambitious endeavor.

I am also very enthusiastic to join the Political Sociology section, which I believe will support both the theoretical and empirical parts of my research.

When I am not working, you’re likely to find me in a dance class or attending a West Coast Swing dance festival, out walking my dog or reading about languages and linguistics. Please feel free to drop by my office anytime (1340-262) to grab a coffee and have a chat about any of these topics (and more).