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2020.08.10 | Grants

Aarhus BSS researchers receive Facebook grant

Michael Bang Petersen and Alexander Bor from the Department of Political Science at Aarhus BSS have received a DKK 863,000 grant from Facebook. The grant will go towards exploring the psychological motivations behind political hatred and the sharing of misinformation on social media.

Photo: Aarhus BSS Communication & External Relations

2020.07.01 | Public/media

Best in the world

The Department of Political Science is the best in the world within public administration according to the recently published Shanghai Ranking. The department is also ranked number three in Europe within political science.

2020.06.29 | People

Jørgen Grønnegård to examine coronavirus lockdown

Emeritus Professor Jørgen Grønnegård Christensen has been asked to lead an expert group, which is to examine the lockdown of Denmark caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Carsten Jensen asked a representative sample of the British population about their attitudes towards welfare benefits. Are the benefits to people on welfare too generous? And do their attitudes shift when you manipulate the figures of the welfare benefits? Photo: Unsplash
Carsten Jensen received the Harrison Award for the best article in Political Studies in 2019. Photo: AU Photo

2020.06.15 | Research news

Exaggeration enhances resistance

The higher benefits you believe people on welfare receive, the greater resistance it generates in the population. Therefore, it is very effective when politicians exaggerate their rhetoric and highlight the extreme examples, award-winning research from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University shows.

Associate professor of political science Lene Aarøe is one of the researchers to receive a grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark. Photo: Aarhus BSS

2020.05.19 | Grants

DKK 21.5 millioner for political science from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Four political scientists receive major grants in this year’s allocation of funding from the Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF).

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