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2020.12.18 | Research news

Mudslinging makes people less trusty of politicians

Our trust in politicians declines when they talk badly to and about one another. On the other hand, our trust is not affected by politicians disagreeing on political matters. New research disentangles the effect of disagreements and mudslinging in politics.

2020.12.09 | Grants

ERC grant for Lasse Lindekilde: How do we react to online political hostility and aggression?

Professor Lasse Lindekilde has received an ERC Consolidator Grant and he is the fourth at the Department of Political Science to receive a major ERC grant. Lasse Lindekilde will be researching into how ‘bystanders’ to online political hostility and aggression react, and whether a better debate culture can be promoted through pro-social reactions.

Associate Professor of Political Science Morten Valbjørn Photo: Private

2020.12.03 | Grants

Valbjørn to rethink Islamism

Associate Professor of Political Science Morten Valbjørn has received a DKK 770,000 grant from The Carlsberg Foundation. This gives him the opportunity to focus fully on his new book about Islamism. Has Islamism changed to such a degree that we need to rethink it? Morten Valbjørn asks.

Rethinking Party Reform. Photo: Oxford University Press

2020.10.28 | New Books

Rethinking Party Reform

Fabio Wolkenstein's book is published by Oxford University Press.

2020.10.20 | Research news

Citizens themselves contribute to political mistrust

People have a special ability to detect and disseminate information about egotistic and selfish leaders. In this way, citizens themselves contribute greatly to the proliferation of voter apathy and mistrust of politicians, according to a new study from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University.

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