Ny postdoc: Miceal Canavan

Miceal Canavan fra Nordirland er ny postdoc på EXDEM-projektet (Exemplar Democracy) ledet af Lene Aarøe.

Miceal Canavan Foto: Privat
Postdoc Miceal Canavan Foto: Privat

My name is Miceal Canavan and I’m originally from Derry in Northern Ireland. I recently started as a postdoc on the EXDEM project (Exemplar Democracy) led by Lene Aarøe. The EXDEM project is focused on analyzing the impact of the media on political attitudes, and specifically the way in which exemplars shape perceptions of issues and policy preferences.

Prior to joining the EXDEM project I completed an MSc and PhD at Trinity College Dublin, and a Law degree at the University of Cambridge. In my other research (including PhD), I work on political violence (particularly in contemporary democracies), identity, intergroup relations, contact, and legacies of conflict. I worked in international development for a few years and so I still have some interest in this and law also.

In my spare time I run, cycle, and play football (and have an interest in most other sports). I also enjoy going to music gigs and the theatre. My office is 1430-131 and my email is mcanavan@ps.au.dk; feel free to come visit or get in touch.

I look forward to meeting everyone.