Ny Postdoc

Majbritt Kappelgaard Severin-Nielsen
Majbritt Kappelgaard Severin-Nielsen. Foto: Privat.

Hi everyone!

My name is Majbritt, and I start in a position as a research assistant – and later postdoc – here at the department May 1st. I come from a PhD position at the Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University, and look forward to meeting you all!

In my PhD project I examined how Danish parliamentarians adapt to, and are affected by, changes in the media environment through a combined analysis of their cross-media strategies and behaviors. I am beyond excited to continue this line of research here at the department, where I will be working together with Helene on the POLPRES project. In the project, we map Danish politicians’ working conditions today, e.g. considering the changes in the media environment, through a survey among all politicians in Denmark at the local, regional, and national level.

When I am not working, I spend most of my time with my husband Steffen and our daughter Nikoline. I also like cycling and strength training; in fact, this is where many of my good and half-good research ideas arise. I’m also a bit of “nerd by night” and enjoy playing different boardgames from lightweight social games to heavier campaign games.

You are most welcome to drop by my office (1341-122) for a chat about political communication, politicians’ strategic media usage in a changing media environment, and the challenges and opportunities associated with doing mixed-methods research. I can also always provide a tip or two about good boardgames 😊