New Research Assistant

Marten Appel is new Research Assistant at the Department

Marten Appel Photo: Sophie Louise Appel
Marten Appel Photo: Sophie Louise Appel

Hello everyone,
My name is Marten, and I am a new research assistant at the department.
In this position I will mostly be assisting Nicholas Haas in his research projects and other tasks. 
I studied political science here at Aarhus University and wrote my master’s thesis about election forecasting, specifically the case of Germany. However, my interests are broader than that and I find most topics within the political sciences highly interesting. 
Originally, I come from the Danish minority in Germany, so you are more than welcome to speak both Danish and German with me.
In my spare time I like to participate in voluntary organizations, exercise, meet friends and much more. 
If you would like to chat someday or need my help with anything you can always find me at 1341-122. 
Looking forward to getting to know all of you.