New Postdoc - Muzhou Zhang

Muzhou Zhang
Muzhou Zhang

Hello everyone!

My name is Muzhou, and I just started my postdoctoral job here in the comparative politics section. During the next two years I will be primarily working on the POLABROAD project, led by Roman Senninger. Specifically, we will use field experiment to investigate the microfoundations of transnational policy learning, or lack thereof, in salient issues such as climate change between individual politicians.

Before Aarhus I did my graduate study at the University of Essex, 2018–2023, with a focus on environmental politics. Please visit my external website ( to know more about my research.

When not working, I enjoy the outdoors and try to know this world better. As a newcomer, I am excited about exploring Aarhus and some other parts of Denmark.

I look forward to getting to know many of you in this amazing department over the coming months. You are more than welcome to drop by my office (1340-131) to chat and to ask for coffee/lunch/walk together. Thanks for reading!