New Postdoc - Costin Ciobanu

Costin Ciobanu
Costin Ciobanu Foto: Private

Hi everyone,

My name is Costin and I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Aarhus University, working on the "What Politicians Believe About Voter Behavior" project led by Martin Bisgaard since January 2024. In 2022, I obtained a Ph.D. in Political Science from McGill University, with a thesis on the political and electoral consequences of economic shocks. Before joining Aarhus University, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Royal Holloway (University of London), within the ERC-funded "New parties in the news" project.  

My work lies at the intersection of political and voting behavior, political communication, and international political economy. Using observational and experimental methodologies, I explore the electoral consequences of economic and political events; I mainly focus on electoral campaigns and the role of information and media in shaping voters’ attitudes and behavior. My main regional focus is on Central and Eastern Europe, but my work looks at these phenomena in Western European and North American contexts as well. My passion for politics pre-dates my academic career, as I have been a political communications consultant and analyst in Central and Eastern Europe for more than 10 years. My work was published at The Journal of Politics and European Journal of Political Research.

You are most welcome to drop by my office (1331-212) for a chat about voting behavior, economic shocks, campaign effects, and European politics and football.