New PhD Student - Mathies Jæger Andresen

Mathies Jæger Andresen
Mathies Jæger Andresen

Hello everyone!

My name is Mathies and I joined the department on September 1st as a new PhD student. I’m on the 4+4 program, which means that I’ll be left here for a year while the other new PhD’s leave academia for lucrative jobs or flash their newly obtained postdocs. Despite these obvious hardships, I am truly happy to be here among so friendly and helpful colleagues.

My project focuses on how the interplay of marginalization and social media shapes antisystemic attitudes and behaviors. I plan on investigating for example how unfortunate encounters with authorities may lead to anti-establishment beliefs and beliefs in conspiracy theories. To my pleasure, I am supervised by the great team of Lasses (Lindekilde & Laustsen).

In my spare time, I enjoy playing music, doing sports, travelling, and exploring new food recipes. Feel free to come by my office to say hi (1331-213)! I’m very open to discussing anything from your aunt who recently started believing in conspiracy theories to where you should travel this summer.