New PhD Maryana Balezina

Maryana Balezina
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Hello everyone!

My name is Maryana, I am a new PhD student and a CEPDISC member who started on February 1st. I'm not only new to AU, but also to Denmark in general as I moved here to pursue this PhD. I have a strong background in social psychology and gender studies, with an MA degree in the latter from Central European University.

My project will focus on morality politics and discrimination. I am interested in how morality politics operate and why they are successful in "producing" wrongful discrimination. I am particularly invested in moralizing discourses targeting queer individuals and the rights deprivation they experience. My supervisors are Lars Thorup Larson and Marion Kathe Godman.

Outside of work, I am passionate about board games and TTRPGs, with DND and actual-play shows being my main interests. Video games and the industry surrounding them is also something I spend quite a lot of time on. I guess I just like games in general!  

You are welcome to drop by my office (1340-252) for a chat about queer discrimination, psychology of prejudice, or decolonial critical thinking. I also love helping others with R! Feel free to reach out if your code does not work.

All the best,