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2019.07.01 | New Books

US Foreign Policy Towards Russia in the Post-Cold War Era

Mind-sets from the Cold War have continued to influence US foreign policy with detrimental consequences for US–Russia relations, argues David Parker in his new book. He concludes by demonstrating how tension and mistrust have continued to grow during the Trump administration and considers the f


Fri 23 Aug
14:15-16:00 |
PhD Defence: International Organizations as Actors and Arenas in International Politics
Nicolas Burmester will defend his PhD dissertation

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2019.06.24 | Aarhus BSS

Time for holiday reading?

The summer holidays are approaching and hopefully so are long days in the sun with a good book. You might feel

Everyday, Brandi S. Morris draws on the experiences she gained as a PhD student. Foto:AU Foto

2019.06.24 | Aarhus BSS

From PhD to a career in business

Today, more and more PhD students continue their career in business and industry. PhD students have a lot to o

2019.06.04 | Aarhus BSS

Internal phishing campaign to minimise the risk of fraud against AU staff

Phishing email messages are an ever-increasing problem, and they can be very convincing. AU’s information secu

Events at AARHUS BSS

Fri 16 Aug
14:00-02:00 | The University Park
Aarhus BSS Summer Festival
Once again, the stage is set for a cosy and informal party with live music, drinks and street food in the University Park. This year’s live music is provided by Peter Sommer, Nicklas Sahl, Sanne Salomonsen and Scarlet Pleasure.

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2/07 - 2019 |

A new EU transferable skills project will pave the way for a strong European...

Together with five strong partners, Aarhus University has been awarded EU...

28/06 - 2019 |

An old Danish song proclames: "Danish summer, I love you even though you have...

University Director Arnold Boon sends his warm wishes for a lovely summer...

2/07 - 2019 |

The Research Foundation celebrates 75 years with a big party for the whole...

On 31 August, the Aarhus University Research Foundation is throwing a party...

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