Ph.d.-studerende ved Statskundskab

Below please find lists of present and former PhD students and the titles of their projects.

Current PhD students



Aarslew, Laurits FlorangAutokratiske salg og regimestabilitet: Civilsamfundets betingende rolle
Ahrensberg, Nanna VestergaardNår boblen brister: Hvordan muslimske friskoleelever klarer sig i overgangen til ungdomsuddannelser
Andersen, Steffen Selmer Political Legitimacy, Radicalization and Violent Extremism
Boisen Andersen, DiddeSamtykke og grænser for samtykke
Boye, Stefan Ledelsesautonomi og performance
Christensen, Emily Rose Tangsgaard Risk Management in the Public Sector
Christensen, Matias EngdalNår det daglige bliver politisk
Daur, Valentin The effects of radical right party parliamentary entry on public discourse over immigration
Degn, Simone SommerA new protected trait or just socially salient group trait
Dorf, Anna Christine HjulerPlague or cholera? The Conflict between non-discrimination and cost-effectiveness in health cure rationing
Frank, LivCultivating the Union's For-eign Relations: How does the European External Action Service navigate the chang-ing European foreign policy paradigms
Frederiksen, Kristian Vrede SkaaningCompetent citizens or unconstrained governments? Consequences of democratic cutbacks for political trust, citizen competence, and democratic sustainability
Grøn, Anders BarslundWill Teamwork Make the Dream Work? Interorganizational collaboration: leadership strategies and employees' willingness
Gøtzsche-Astrup, Johan The Problem of the Riot: A Governmental Approach
Halling, AskeAdministrative Burden and Etnicity
Hansen, Frederik GodtStereotypical Perception of Public Performance? Cognitive Bias in Public Opinion
Hansen, Lasse SchmidtThe Production of Status and Political Participation among Welfare Groups. Exploring the process of policy learning through decentralized disciplinary relationships
Hirsch, LisaStrategic behaviour or passing the time? The role of parliamentary questions in issue politics
Højlund, Anne-Sofie GreisenRelational Equality and Paternalism
Jensen, Andreas VidebækDemocratic Participation and Psychosocial Attributes - do psychosocial attributes in childhood and adolescence influence democratic participation?
Jeppesen, Mathias RaskRepresentation of Social Groups and Home Style: How Legislators' Descriptive Group Membership Influence Their Verbal, Non-verbal and Visual Political Communication
Jeppesen, MatildeThe Importance of the Administrative Set-up for Revenue Performance in Developing Countries
Junge, Sarah YdeMedfører multiple mål altid en konflikt?
Karmsten, Kirstine Caseworker Professionalism: Turnover and Clients' Trust
Kiil, FilipMotivated empirical political beliefs and social media
Kolstad, Karoline LarsenOrganisatoriske styringsinstrumenter og markarbejderadfærd
Kragh, Aske HornemanSymbolic Boundaries and Network Structures: Socioeconomic Inequalities in Adolescent Status Relations
Kruse, MathiasEthnic Diversity and Social Trust
Lauritsen, HenrikThe Evolution of the Saudi-Iranian Rivalty
Lehrle-Fry, JakeAssessing parental partiality, a loving approach
Leipziger, Lasse EgendalEconomic inequality and democracy: A comparative analysis of the impact of economic inequality on the resilience and quality of democracy
Lund, Clara SiboniFagprofessionelles møde med maskinlæring - et panelstudie af fagprofessionelles anvendelse af maskinlæring og faglig ledelses betydning
Luttervelt, Mads Pieter vanFlytter troværdighed bjerge? Betydningen af ledertroværdighed for målopnåelse i offentlige organisationer
May, DanielleEffects of Party Funding Models upon Responsiveness and Participation
Munch, Lauritz AastrupHvordan skal adgangen til informationsprivathed fordeles? En undersøgelse af forholdet mellem informationsprivathed og retfærdighed
Møller, Karl MagnusGlobal Energy relations and national climate politics
Nyholt, NielsThe Importance of Localism in Politics
Rachid, AshrafSociale netværk og statsborgerskab
Rasmussen, JesperTriggering Online Political Hostility
Risse, TobiasThe (In-)Effectiveness of Arms Control in Crisis Regions: Linkages between Political Violence, Weapons Transfers, and the UN General Assembly
Rønn, Anne KirstineCountercurrents. An In-depth Study of Anti-sectarian Movements in Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Exploring the Implications of Using Different Strategies to Counter Sectarianism  
Schjødt, Rasmus JensenThe Psychology of Administrative Burden
Sørensen, Mathilde LanggaardKræver tolerance selvkontrol? Et studie af de psykologiske dynamikker i politisk tolerance
Trangbæk, Amalie"Der skal to til en tango"
Tyssedal, Jens JørundJustice and Access to Meaningful Work
Varneskov, TobiasThe Partisanship of Tax - An Examination of What Determines the Politics of Tax in the Welfare State and Under What conditions Parties Choose to Reform Certain Tax Policies
Vestergaard, Mathias BukhMedier, politikere og valgløfter: Hvordan hænger det sammen?
Vigano, EdoardoElectoral Incentives and Distrubutive Benefits: Evidence from Italy
Wieland, Anders G.On the historical Causes and Consequences of Early Democracy
Winsløw, Mathilde AlbertsenHow information and communication technology influences leadership in physically dispersed public organisations
Østergaard-Nielsen, Mathias RaskKonsekvenserne af fagprofessionelles medindflydelse på målformuleringen i sundhedsvæsenet

Previously awarded PhD and Licentiate degrees




June 2021Nikolaj K. AndersenThe Road to Empire? Assesing the Emergence of a China-Centric Geoeconomic Order

May 2021 

Marie KaldahlPersonalization of Representation: A New Relationship between Legislators an Political Parties

January 2021

Trine Høj Fjendbo Who do you Lead? The Importance of Employee Gender and Traits in a Leadership Context
January 2021Vilde Lunnan DjuveRegime Transitions Revisited: Concepts, Correlates, and Incumbent-led Processes
December 2020Thomas KristensenThe Politics of Numbers: How Problem Indicators and Party Competition Influence Political Attention
December 2020Klaus Jonathan Klüser

Beyond Portfolios. Bureaucratic Issue Attention in Coalition Governments 

December 2020Andreas BengtsonWho Should Decide? An Inquiry in Democratic Theory
December 2020Matilde Tofte Thorsen

Only In It for Power and Wealth? Investigating Dictators’ Motives 

November 2020Alexander Taaning GrundholmDilemmas of Dictatorial Rule: The Inherent Trade-offs of Autocratic Survival Strategies
November 2020Jonathan DoucetteThe Roots of Urban Self-Government
November 2020Mikkel J. HjeltThe Radical Milieu: A Socio-Ecological Analysis of Salafist Radicalization in Aarhus, 2007-2017
October 2020Arzoo Rafiqi

Can Muslims be Democratic? Empirical Evidence on the Influence of Muslim Religiosity on Support for Democracy

March 2020Mette BisgaardPerceiving the Unobservable. How Partisanship and Everyday Life Influence Citizens' Perceptions of the National Economy
February 2020Frederik Juhl JørgensenHow to Develop Policies That Foster Refugee Integration and Are Supported by Voters
December 2019Maiken GelardiFrom Old White Men to What? Critical Reflections on the Mission to Globalize International Relations
November 2019Niels Bjørn Grund PetersenPerformance Information on the Front Line: A Behavioral Approach
November 2019Ane Karoline BakWhen the fiscal social contract is not about tax: Understanding the limited role of taxation in social accountability in Senegal
November 2019Viki Møller Lyngby PedersenThe Imprudence Trilemma: Sufficiency, Non-Paternalism, and Cost-Sensitivity
September 2019Oluf Gøtzsche-AstrupSituation and Disposition: Who Radicalizes and How
September 2019Anne PintzParliamentary Control of EU International Treaty-Making: Partisan Perspectives
August 2019Nicolas BurmesterInternational Organizations as Actors and Arenas in International Politics
June 2019Fenja Søndergaard MøllerDoes Legitimacy Matter for Intrastate Armed Conflict?
May 2019Søren Kølbæk LarsenManaging Complexity: Heuristics Use in Public Budgeting
May 2019Sadi ShanaahUnder Pressure: Muslim's Engagement in Counter-Extremism
April 2019Mikkel SejersenSevering the lifelines of tyranny: How individually targeted sanctions can decrease public, elite, and international support for autocratic regimes
March 2019Jonas Gejl PedersenThe Russian Quest for Ontological Security
March 2019Casper SakstrupThird-Party Involvement in Civil War: Causes and Consequences
January 2019Rasmus SkytteWhy Politicians Seem so Rude and How it Affects Citizens
December 2018Rachel BeachThe Hunt for Revenues in a Poor State
December 2018Morten PetterssonIdentity in Political Opinion Formation: How Information Shapes the Influence of Citizens' Identities on Political Opinions
November 2018Philipp PechmannArchitectural Policy Design: How Policy Makers Try to Shape Policy Feedback Effects When Designing Policies
November 2018Julian ChristensenLet's look at the facts: An investigation of psychological biases in policymakers' interpretation of policy-relevant information
November 2018Hallbera WestMP Firefighting: When do MPs hold government accountable?
November 2018Louise Ladegaard BroLeadership, Motivation and Span of Control
October 2018Suthan KrishnarajanEconomic Crisis and Regime Breakdown: A Conditional Relationship
October 2018Miriam LindnerOf Friends and Foes: How Human Coalitional Psychology Shapes Public Reactions to Terrorism
October 2018Jasper SchwampeMuslim Foreign Fighters in Armed Conflicts
October 2018Alexander BorIntention and Competence Impressions in Political Leader Evaluations
July 2018Mads ThauThe Use and Consequences of Group-Based Appeals
June 2018Mathilde CecchiniThe Healthy Child and the Child at Risk: The Formation and Transformation of Health, Risk and Non-risk Identities in the Encounter between Policy, Teachers and Pupils
June 2018Kristina Jessen HansenPerceptions of Rich and Poor People's Efforts and Public Opinion about Economic Redistribution
May 2018Jakob Majlund HolmPerformance Management in the Public Sector: Untying a Gordian Knot
April 2018Thorbjørn Sejr GuulSocial categories in the public sector: When they are applied and how to reduce discriminatory use
December 2017Kristina Bakkær SimonsenDo They Belong? Host National Boundary Drawing and Immigrants' Identificational Integration
December 2017Mathias OsmundsenNegativity and Public Opinion: Limits and Consequences of the negativity Bias in Politics
November 2017Jonas KraftThe Politics of Investment: How Policy Structure Shapees Political Priorities
Juni 2017Roman SenningerPolitical Parties & Parliamentary EU Oversight
Februar 2017Jens Damgaard ThaysenOn the Liberty of Scoundrels: Wrongfulness and the Justifiability of Criminalization
Februar 2017David Delfs Erbo AndersenStateness and Democratic Stability
December 2016Åsne Kalland AarstadPublic/Private, Global/Local, and Land/Sea: International Relations and the Study of In-Betweenness
November 2016Camilla BjarnøeEvolution in Frames: Framing and Reframing of Policy Questions
Oktober 2016Martin BisgaardPerceiving the Unobservable. How partisanship and Everyday Life Influence Citizens' Perceptions of the National Economy
September 2016Maria-Louise ClausenState-building in Fragile States: Strategies of Embedment
July 2016Camilla Denager StaniokWork Commitment in Public Organizations
June 2016Morten Hjortskov LarsenCitizen Satisfaction: Political Voice and Cognitive Biases
June 2016Magnus RasmussenHow Organized Labor Shaped the Origin and Structure of the Regulatory Revolution 1870-2000
June 2016Marie KjærgaardPolitics and Intergovernmental Grants
June 2016Ulrich Thy JensenCauses and Consequences of Public Service Motivation: Governance Interventions and performance Implications
June 2016Lasse Lykke RørbækEscalating Ethnic Conflict: From Political Exclusion to Civil War
June 2016Troels BøggildProcedural Fairness and Public Opinion
May 2016Kristian Kriegbaum JensenScandinavian Immigrant Integration Politics: Varieties of the Civic Turn
January 2016Maria Falk MikkelsenEffects of Managers on Public Service Performance
December 2015

Ekatherina Zhukova

Whose Responsibility? Chernobyl as Trauma Management in Belarus and Ukraine

November 2015

Ulrik Hvidman

Performance Measurement in the Public Sector: Impacts on Public Performance and Citizens' Perceptions

Oktober 2015

Helene Marie Fisker

Studies on the Development of Interest Group Populations in Corporative Systems

August 2015

Mogens Jin Pedersen

Capitalizing on the Forces within Us: Public Employee Motivation and Clmmitment at Work

August 2015

Heidi Skovgaard Klaaby

Empirical Essays on the Labor Market. Outcomes of PhD Graduates

Juni 2015

Mette Kjærgaard Thomsen

How do different types of public initiatives influence citizen coproduction?

Juni 2015

Mathias Wullum Nielsen

New and Persistent Gender Equality Challenges In Academia

Maj 2015

Merete Bech Seeberg

The Power to Control. How State Capacity and Economic Control Condition the Effect of Authoritarian Elections on Regime Stability

Maj 2015

Kim Sass Mikkelsen

Getting to Denmark, More or Less. Politics, Bureaucracy and Corruption Success Stories in East Central Europe

Januar 2015

Andreas Brøgger Albertsen

Prioritizing by the Roadside, at Bedside and in Health Policies: Luck Egalitarianism and the Role of Social and Personal Responsibility in Health

Oktober 2014

Laustsen, Lasse

Choosing the Right Candidate: How the Evolved Mind Votes in Modern Elections

August 2014

Degn, Lise

Making Sense of University Ideas. Exploring How Ideas Influence Management Practice and Perceptions in Danish Universities

Juni 2014

Axelsen, David V.

Global Redistributive Obligations in the Face of Severe Poverty

April 2014

Haase, Sanne

Professional Identity and Role of the Engineer in a Challenged Society

Marts 2014

Gissel, Line Engbo

Judicialising Peace. The International Criminal Court's Impact on Political Settlements in Kenya and Uganda

Februar 2014

Seeberg, Michael Aagaard

Democracy against the Odds

Januar 2014

Bartusevicius, Henrikas

The Inequality-Conflict Nexus Re-Examined

December 2013

Götz, Elias

Russia's Quest for Regional Hegemony

December 2013

Seeberg, Henrik Bech

The Power of the Loser: Opposition Policy Influence through Agenda-Setting

November 2013

Nielsen, Poul Aaes

Bounded Rationality og Resultatstyring: Kan resultatmåling styre offentligt ansattes opmærksomhed?

Oktober 2013

Lasse Nielsen

Interpersonel sammenligning i en sundhedspolitisk kontekst

Juni 2013

Rikke Fuglsang Olsen

Forældre i fængsel – effekten på børns livsforløb

Januar 2013

Johannes Engers Gregersen

Socialområdet – styringsperspektiver efter strukturreformen

Januar 2013

Henrik Jepsen

“Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”
Issue linkage in the international climate change negotiations

Januar 2013

Florian Langbehn

Can Asian Tigers Be Transferred to the African Savannah? Exploring the Consequences and Origins of State Capacity in the Developing World

November 2012

Kjeldsen, Anne Mette

Sektorforskelle i public service motivation

Juni 2012

Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen

Management interventions and motivation crowding effects in public service provision

Maj 2012

Line Gustafsson

Analyzing primary school reforms – an ideational approach

Maj 2012

Anne Heeager Christensen

Samarbejdskonstruktioner mellem kommuner og regioner efter kommunalreformen

Marts 2012

Jakob Tolstrup

External Actors and Democratization. Russia and the EU Competing for Influence in Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus 1991-2010

Marts 2012

Yonatan Schvartzman

Metastyring af markedsudvikling: Policystrategier og netværkskoordinering i udvikling af nye markeder

Januar 2012

Else Marie Holm

Betydningen af vores følelsesmæssige reaktioner for effekten af issue frames

November 2011

Johanne Glavind

Magtanvendelse og den internationale orden - en analyse af det internationale samfunds håndtering af det nye trusselsbillede, herunder konsekvenserne for den internationale orden

November 2011

Gunnar Thesen

Political agenda-setting in the Norwegian Parliament 1985-2005. The contingencies and autonomy of media influence

November 2011

Ingvild Olsen

The Council working parties – How do they work? An analysis of the negotiating climate in the Council preparatory bodies

September 2011

Rasmus Sommer Hansen

Lige ressourcer under ideelle og ikke-ideelle omstændigheder

August 2011

Morten Jakobsen

Organizational Support and Coproduction: An Experimental Study of Management Strategies in the Public Education Sector

Juni 2011

Christoph Arndt

Cleavage Structures and Welfare State Reforming

Maj 2011

Flemming Tait Svith

Politikkens medialisering og journalistiske forklaringer

Maj 2011

Nina Dadalauri

Post-Revolutionary State-Building and Its Approach to the Political Elite. The case of Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan

Januar 2011

Peter Thisted Dinesen

Institutions and Social Capital – An Analysis of the Institutional Determinants of Social Capital

December 2010

Lene Aarøe

Påvirker politisk eliteretorik borgernes holdninger? – Hvordan, hvem og om hvilke emner?


December 2010

Martin Bækgaard

Organisationsstrukturer og deres betydning for politikeres og embedsmænds præferencer


Juni 2010

Helene Helboe Pedersen

Politiske forlig og partiintern magtfordeling

Marts 2010

Marianne Sandvad Ulriksen

Africanisation of the Democratic State: A State-in-Society Approach to Understanding Democratic Development in Africa

Februar 2010

Stian Skår Ludvigsen

Post-mortem of the VP-function? An examination through the worst-case scenario

December 2009

Morten Brænder

Den civilreligiøse legitimering af krigen mod terror – religion og politik i det 21. århundredes første store konflikt

December 2009

Thomas Frank

Spredning og konvergens af en ledelsesside – National og lokal tilpasning?

November 2009

Marie Østergaard Møller

Hvad er smertegrænsen for sociale ydelser? Om forholdet mellem socialpolitik og solidaritet i velfærdsstaten

Oktober 2009

Carsten Jensen

Den dynamiske velfærdsstat. Et projekt om stabilitet og forandring i det offentliges udgiftsforbrug til velfærdsservices

Maj 2009

Rasmus Brun Pedersen

‘The Hidden Wars of European Integration’ Explaining National Preference Formation on European Treaty Reforms

Februar 2009

Steen Juul Hansen

Samspillet mellem de institutionelle rammer og den pædagogiske praksis på døgninstitutioner for børn og unge

December 2008

Jesper Wittrup

Institutionelt design i den offentlige sektor

November 2008

Flemming Juul Christiansen

Politiske forlig og aftaler i dansk politik

September 2008

Kim Sønderskov

Social kapital og kollektiv handling - miljøforbedringer som case
Social capital and collective action - the case of national environmental improvements

Juni 2008

Morten Valbjørn

After the Cultural Turn: IR Theory meets Area Studies

Juni 2008

Rune Slothuus

Budskaber i medierne og borgernes politiske holdningsdannelse
Mass media message flows and citizens’ political opinion formation

Maj 2008

Martin Ejnar Hansen

Dimensioner og afstemningsadfærd i parlamenter – et komparativt studie

September 2007

Michael Bang Petersen

Holdningsmønstre i reaktioner på kriminalitet

Marts 2007

Helle Ørsted Nielsen

Studie af rationel adfærd m.h.p. at opstille og vurdere et differentieret rationalitetsbegreb

Marts 2007

Lene Mosegaard Søberg

FN protektorater

Marts 2007

Simon Calmar Andersen

Politisk styring af skolerne: Nødvendigt og umuligt?"

Februar 2007

Mads Leth Jakobsen

Konvergens i offentlig politik. Et projekt om betydningen af globalisering, europæisering og ideer for tværsektorale liberaliseringsreformer i danske netværksindustrier

Januar 2007

Svend-Erik Vrede Skaaning

Democracy besides Elections: An Exploration into the Causes of (Dis)Respect for Civil Liberties in Latin American and Post-Communist Countries

December 2006

Peter Bjerre Mortensen

Stabilitet og forandring i offentlig politik

November 2006

Anders Branth Pedersen

Netværksstrukturer i den danske miljøpolitiske beslutningsproces. En komparativ analyse af politiske beslutningsprocesser vedr. vådområders regulering og genopretning

August 2006

Pia Vedel Ankersen

Den politiske legitimitets oprindelse – et studie af børns politiske socialisering

Marts 2006

Rune Stubager

New Politics in Denmark: Cleavage or?
(Ny Politik i Danmark: Skillelinje eller?)

December 2005

Anne Binderkrantz

Interesseorganisationers indflydelsesstrategier

December 2005

Lotte Bøgh Andersen

Offentligt ansattes strategier: Folkeskolelærere, dagplejere, politifolk og børnetandlæger

December 2005

Lars Thorup Larsen

Liberty, Equality and Health – a Genealogy of the Biopolitical Arts of Government in Post-war Public Health Strategies

December 2005

Gitte Sommer Harrits

Sociologisk teori (særligt Habermas, Luhmann og Bourdieu); kritisk teori; videnskabsteori; klasseteori; marxisme; social differentiering; social og politisk ulighed i Danmark såvel som i andre lande; dannelsen af nye klasser i 'postindustrielle' samfund.

Oktober 2005

Stefan Brendstrup

Omregulering og konkurrenceskabelse i elforsyningen

Maj 2005

Jakob Linaa Jensen

Internettets demokratiske konsekvenser

November 2004

Jens Rudbeck

Democratization and Ethnic Conflict in Third World Countries

September 2004

Rikke Skou Jensen

Institutionaliserede samarbejdsstrukturer – medindflydelse, drift og ledelse – en komparativ analyse af medarbejderes indflydelse på offentlige og private arbejdspladser

April 2004

William L. Mitchell

Denmark, IGOs, and the Kosovo Refugee Crisis: Explaining Policy Deviance

Marts 2004

Søren Serritzlew

Offentlig budgetlægning i et institutionelt perspektiv

December 2003

Martin Enevoldsen

Why do we need voluntary agreements in environmental policies?.

Oktober 2003

Kristian Høyer Toft

International Justice and Justificatary Models

December 2002

Bernhard Hansen

Party Activism in Denmark. A Micro Level Approach to a Cross-sectional Analysis of the Correlates of Party Activism

November 2002

Asbjørn Skjæveland

Government Formation in the Kingdom of Denmark 1953-1998/Partiadfærd i Folketinget: Regeringsdannelse og indgåelse af forlig m.v.

November 2002

Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen

Dialogens Pris. – Uformelle spilleregler, ressourceasymmetri og forskelsbehandling i offentligt tilsyn

November 2002

Thomas Olesen

From armed rebellion to social movement: Opportunities and limitations for social and political protest in the age of globalization and democratization – the case of the EZLN in Mexico

Maj 2002

Søren Flinch Midtgaard

Equality and Stability

November 2001

Anne Mette Kjær

The Politics of Civil Service Reform: A Comparative Analysis of Uganda and Tanzania in the 1990s

Marts 2001

Christoffer Green-Pedersen

How Politics Still Matters. Retrenchment of old-age pensions, unemployment benefits, and disability pensions/early retirement benefits in Denmark and in the Netherlands from 1982 to 1998

November 2000

Hanne Marlene Dahl

Den diskursive konstruktion af omsorgsbehov og omsorgskvalifikationer ud fra et kønsperspektiv. Case: Hjemmehjælp

Oktober 2000

Lars Johannsen

The Constitution and Democracy: The Choice and Consequence of the Constitution in Post-Communist Countries

September 2000

Liselotte Odgaard

Deterrence and Cooperation in the South China Sea. An Analysis of the Spratly Dispute and Its Implications for Regional order between the RPC and Southeast Asia after the Cold War

December 1999

Tonny Brems Knudsen

Humanitarian Intervention and International Society: Contemporary Manifestations of an Explosive Doctrine

Juni 1999

Aksel V. Carlsen

Socialdemokratismens muligheder og begrænsninger i det postsovjetiske Rusland

December 1998

Jens Blom-Hansen

Studier i statens styring af den kommunale sektors økonomi

Juni 1998

Jens Bejer Damgaard

Styring og effektivitet. Organisering af dansk børnepasning

Oktober 1998

Iben Nathan

When Poor People Participate. A Case Study of a Local Government Election in a Locality of Rural Bangladesh

December 1997

Lars Bo Kaspersen

War, State, Sovereignty & Citizenship

September 1997

Thomas Pallesen

Health Care Reforms in Britain and Denmark: The Politics of Economic Success and Failure

Juni 1997

Asbjørn Sonne Nørgaard

The Politics of Institutional Control: Corporatism in Danish Occupational Safety and Health Regulation and Unemployment Insurance, 1870-1995

Jan. 1997

Lars Dahl Pedersen

The Politics of Cost Containment in Public Services. Hospital Budgeting in Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands, 1978-29

Jan. 1997

Peter Viggo Jakobsen

Western Use of Coercive Diplomacy after the Cold War: A Challenge for Theory and Practice

Jan. 1997

Qi Wang

National and Sub-national Elites: Women in Chinese Politics 1949-1990

December 1996

Carsten Daugbjerg

Policy Networks under Pressure: Policy Reform, Pollution Control and the Power of Farmers

November 1996

Aase Mygind Madsen

Untouchables: Stuck at the Bottom or Moving Upward? A Study of Changing Conditions for the Scheduled Castes in Five Villages in Karnataka, South India

Juni 1996

Artis Pabriks

From Nationalism to Ethnic Policy: The Latvian Nation in the Present and the Past

Oktober 1995

Karsten Skjalm

Det europæiske valutasamarbejdes politiske økonomi. Europæisk monetær integration fra Haag til Maastricht

September 1995

Henrik Jensen

Arenaer eller aktører? En analyse af Folketingets stående udvalg

Juli 1995

Lene Bøgh Sørensen

Politisk udvikling og regime transformationer. En præsentati­on og diskussion af udvalgte teorier om politisk udvikling, re­gimeskift og demokratiudvikling i lyset af den ungarske case

Jan. 1995

Jens Peter Frølund Thomsen

Trade Unions and British Politics in the 1980s: Governing Against Pressure

November 1993

Torben K. Jensen

Politik i prãxis. Aspekter af danske folketingsmedlemmers politiske kultur og livsverden

Oktober 1993

Jens Henrik Haahr

Looking to Europe. The EC policies of the British Labour Party and the Danish Social Democrats

Oktober 1993

Mikael Skou Andersen

Governance by Green Taxes: Implementing Clean Water Policies in Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands 1970-1990

Juni 1993

Karen Ejersbo Iversen

The Japan-EC Relation. A Secondary Bargain in a Triangular Trade Policy Confrontation

Jan. 1993

Niels Dalgaard

Den industrielle Parlamentarisme

August 1992

Bjarne Ibsen

Frivilligt arbejde i idrætsforeninger

April 1992

Knud Erik Jørgensen

Vesteuropas østpolitik. En analyse af vesteuropæisk multilateral østpolitik i 1980’erne

September 1991

Bjarne Jacobsen

Max Weber og Friedrich Albert Lange. Max Webers rationalitetssociologi, en anti-filosofi. Rødder tilbage til F.A. Lange?

August 1991

Peter M. Pilgaard

Kernevåbennedrustning i Europa

Februar 1991

Jørgen Christensen

Demokratiet og sikkerhedspolitikken: En analyse af Folketingets rolle i sikkerhedspolitikken


Peter Nedergaard

’EF’s markedsintegration. En økonomisk analyse


Johannes Michelsen

Pengene eller livet. Privat ejendomsret, aktieselskaber og politik


Jøren Humlum

Politisk argumentation


Jesper Bo Jensen

Regulering og deregulering af de danske penge- og kapitalmarkeder


Jørgen Dige Pedersen

Syd-Syd-relationer. En analyse af Indiens og Brasiliens relationer til Den tredje Verden siden 1970 – med særligt henblik på at belyse staternes rolle i internationaliserings­processen


Peter Munk Christiansen

Teknologi mellem stat og marked. Dansk teknologi-politik 1970-1987


Erik Albæk

Fra sandhed til information. Evalueringsforskning i USA – før og nu


Andreas P. Cornett

Den offentlige sektor og den regionale udvikling – et studie af vækst og regional fordeling med udgangspunkt i Sønderjyllands amtskommune