Twice during the course of the PhD degree programme, the PhD students must present their projects and research achievements to the other PhD students and interested academic staff at the Department of Political Science at so-called project presentation seminars. The presentation is based on a written draft, and we expect all PhD students to participate actively in the subsequent discussion.

PhD project presentations, Autumn 2020

All presentations take place in the Department's staff lounge, bldg. 1330




Presenter and PhD project

Wednesday February 3 13:00-13:55 Anders Barslund Grøn
Wednesday February 24 13:00-14:15 Zhaoyang Mei
Wednesday  March 3 13:00-14:15 Stefan Boye
Wednesday March 10 13:00-13:55 Jake Lehrle-Fry
Wednesday March 10 14:15-15:10 Simon Toft Kristjansen
Wednesday April 14 13:00-13:55 Anne Christine Dorf
Wednesday  April 21 13:00-13:55 Edoardo Alberto Vigano
Wednesday April 28 13:00-13:55 Ashraf Rachid
Wednesday April 28 14:00-15:15 Didde Boisen Andersen
Wednesday May 5 13:00-13:55 Simone Sommer Degn
Wednesday  May 5 14:00-15:15 Johan Gøtzsche-Astrup
Wednesday May 12 13:00-13:55 Liv Frank
Wednesday May 12 14:00-15:15 Steffen Selmer Andersen
Wednesday May 19 13:00-14:15 Amalie Trangbæk
Wednesday May 26 13:00-14:15 Jens Jørund Tyssedal 
Wednesday June 2


Frederik Godt Hansen
Wednesday  June 16 13:00-13:55 Mads Pieter van Luttervelt

EVERYBODY IS WELCOME! If you would like a copy of the project description, please contact Rikke Haglund Nielsen.