Twice during the course of the PhD degree programme, the PhD students must present their projects and research achievements to the other PhD students and interested academic staff at the Department of Political Science at so-called project presentation seminars. The presentation is based on a written draft, and we expect all PhD students to participate actively in the subsequent discussion.

PhD project presentations, Spring 2020

All presentations take place in the Department's staff lounge, bldg. 1330




Presenter and PhD project

Wednesday January 15 13:00-13:55 Kirstine Karmsteen
Wednesday January 22 13:00-13:55 Rasmus Schjødt
Wednesday January 29 14:00-14:55 Karoline Kolstad
Wednesday February 26 13:00-14:15 Jonathan Doucette
Wednesday March 4 13:00-13:55 Mathias Kruse
Wednesday March 4 14:00-15:15 Mikkel Hjelt
Wednesday March 11 13:00-13:55 Mathias Bukh Vestergaard
Wednesday March 11 14:00-15:15 Marie Kaldahl
Wednesday March 18 13:00-14:15 Arzoo Rafiqi
Wednesday March 18 14:15-15.15 Mathilde Albertsen Winsløw
Wednesday March 25 13:00-13:55 Niels Nyholt
Wednesday April 22 13:00-13:55 Anders Gammelholm Wieland
Wednesday April 29 13:00-13:55 Valentin Daur
Wednesday May 6 13:00-14:15 Thomas Kristensen
Wednesday May 13 13:00-13:55 Kristian V.S. Frederiksen
Wednesday May 13 14:00-15.15 Matilde Tofte Thorsen
Wednesday May 20 13:00-14:15 Nikolaj K. Andersen
Wednesday May 27 13:00-14:15 Andreas Bengtson
Wednesday June 3 13:00-14:15 Jonathan Klüser
Wednesday June 10 13:00-14:15 Alexander Taaning Grundholm
Wednesday August 19 13:00-14:15 Vilde Lunnan Djuve


EVERYBODY IS WELCOME! If you would like a copy of the project description, please contact Birgit Kanstrup