New PhD Student at the Department

Presentation of Daniel Møller Eriksen

Daniel Møller Eriksen Photo: Private
Daniel Møller Eriksen Photo: Private

Hi everyone. 
My name is Daniel and I am a new PhD student at the department. In terms of sectional affiliation, I will be joining the comparative politics section.
In my project, I am planning to focus on the behavior of parties and politicians on social media. An important question in this regard is to which extent this behavior follows the same lines as the behavior of these actors in more traditional settings, such as in party manifestoes, questions in parliament etc. Also, we still need much more knowledge about whether and to which extent politicians’ rapidly increasing activity on social media alters the relationships between the party as a collective actor and individual politicians. To shed light on these aspects of elite behavior, I am planning to make use of relevant machine learning techniques. 
I am excited about the opportunity to study these questions in depth, and I am fortunate to have Christoffer Green-Pedersen and Helene Helboe Pedersen by my side as supervisors.  
As for my educational background, I completed my bachelor as well as my master here at AU. However, during the latter part of my education, I spent some time at Rambøll Management Consulting as well as at Trygfonden’s Centre for Child Research as an intern and as a student worker, respectively. Also, I studied in Rome for one semester – so even though I grew up in rural North Jutland, Aarhus as a city is no longer intimidatingly huge to me. 
When I am not at the university, I enjoy running, playing padel, and the like, as well as playing music. 
If any of you would like to discuss the behavior of parties and politicians (on social media), or if you just need an excuse for a break and a cup of coffee/tea, feel free to drop by 1340, 236. 
I look forward to getting to know everyone at the department better.