New PhD Student at the Department

William Burchardt Egendal is new PhD student at the Department

William Burchardt Egendal Photo: Wen-Chi Su
William Burchardt Egendal Photo: Wen-Chi Su

Hi Everyone,

I’m William Egendal, one of the new PhD students at the department. Since I’ve done both my bachelor’s and master’s right here at the department, you could call me a certified, home-grown PhD student. 

In my project, I aim to examine the role of informal communication in the EU legislative process, particularly focusing on whether it affects process, policy, or both. Having spent a semester as an intern in Brussels and after interviewing several EU officials, it is my clear impression that informal communication is perceived to be hugely important. However, it is a tricky phenomenon to both observe and measure. Fortunately, I will be supervised by Jens Blom-Hansen and Derek Beach. If anyone can help me succeed in my efforts to wrestle out a measurable effect of coffee-machine chat in Brussels, it’s them! If anyone else finds this interesting, shoot me an e-mail, stop by my office (1331-213), or catch me at the coffee-machine. 

Apart from the EU, my research interests include role perceptions, how organizational structures affect individual behavior, cultural differences in international organizations, among other things. Outside of work, I am a (soon-to-be-retired) gymnast, an amateur guitar player, and an avid book reader. 

I look forward to working with all of you at the Department of Political Science!