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New Research Assistant at CFA

Andreas Thyrsted Laursen is new research assistant at the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA).

Andreas Thyrsted Laursen. Photo: Private.
Andreas Thyrsted Laursen. Photo: Private.

Starting in late June, I have been so fortunate as to be employed as a research assistant with the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA). Here, my first tasks will be to partake in a couple of studies evaluating the effects of private-public innovation efforts in Denmark and abroad. Additionally, I will also be involved in ERIA where I will assist in assessing the progress and persistent barriers to the ongoing implementation of gender equality plans at Circle-U universities, including AU.

As for my academic background, I hold a BSc and MSc in anthropology both from Aarhus University, completing the latter only back in April. During my Master’s, I have specialised in Science and Technology Studies, more-than-human anthropology, and the elusive kinds of change that are also a key—but oftentimes overlooked—feature of the present environmental crisis, commonly referred to as the Anthropocene. More specifically, I did 8 months of ethnographic fieldwork in the Rocky Mountains for my thesis, collaborating with a team of wildlife biologists to explore how local human land-use practices are altering the lives and worlds migratory ungulates (hoofed herbivores) in exceedingly subtle and ambiguous, albeit profound ways, and how wildlife researchers and managers, in turn, come to know about and address such changes in practice.

If you happen to hold an interest in American society, environmental issues, or—like me—are into quirky studies sitting at the borders of the sciences and what it means to be human, do feel free to catch me for a chat at the coffee machines.