New Postdoc Laura Kettel

Laura Kettel
Laura Kettel Photo: Private

Hi everyone! 

My name is Laura and I recently started as a postdoc here at the department. Prior to coming to Aarhus, I lived in Berlin and completed my PhD at Freie Universität. Although I have already met quite a few of you and have received a very warm welcome, I want to take this opportunity to properly introduce myself.

I am very excited to join the “New Politics of the Housing Market” project where we study the causes and consequences of housing market inequality in advanced democracies. My research focuses on barriers to affordable housing in a comparative perspective, the effect of rent burden on policy preferences, and perceptions of deservingness in the provision of housing and homelessness policy. I am very interested in spatial inequality, intergovernmental policymaking in federal systems, and social policy formation. I am part of the Public Administration section.  

Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors - whether on a hike or on the water. I’m currently starting to train for a half-marathon, and any tips on this are very welcome! I also very much enjoy cooking and hosting dinners, reading novels, and drinking coffee in the sun to people-watch. 

Please feel free to come by my office (1340-128) for a chat, I look forward to getting to know everyone in the department in the months to come!