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Internal news

If you have won an award, received a grant, published a book or arrived at an interesting research result, please contact the department’s communication partner so that we can create a news item.

Kristof van Criekingen. Photo: Privat

2018.12.13 | People

New postdoc: Kristof van Criekingen

Kristof van Criekingen started as a postdoc at the Danish Center for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA). Kristof obtained his PhD at the KU Leuven in Belgium at the department of management, strategy and innovation (MSI). There he worked at the center of expertise for R&D monitoring (ECOOM), where he was involved in conducting…

2018.12.13 | New Books

Introduction to International Relations

Oxford University Press releases the seventh edition of ‘Introduction to International Relations’ – with Professor Jørgen Møller, Aarhus BSS, as new co-author.

[Translate to English:] Emer Brady. Foto: privat

2018.12.03 | Aarhus BSS

New research assistent: Emer Brady

I have a background in Astrophysics and Data Science. I will be participating in the data science aspects of several projects on the Social Dynamics of Science, including gender representation in clinical trials, the effect of a researcher's status on the credit they are assigned for their work, and gender differences in citation and publication…

[Translate to English:] Christine Baker. Photo: private

2018.12.03 | Aarhus BSS, People

New research assistant: Christine Baker

My name is Christine Baker and I recently started working as a research assistant at the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy ( Dansk Center for Forskningsanalyse / CFA).   My background is in Health Science and I recently completed my master’s degree at Aarhus University. My degree had a strong focus on…

[Translate to English:] Philippe Mongeon. Photo: AU Photo

2018.12.03 | Aarhus BSS, People

Post.doc. Philippe Mongeon is a new employee at the department.

I hold a PhD in information science from the University of Montreal, and I am interested in the dynamics and practices of knowledge production, dissemination and use, as well as research evaluation and governance. More specifically, my research uses bibliometric and other quantitative methods to study a broad range of topics, such as division…

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