Lunch scheme

On this page, you can read about our lunch scheme for employees at the Department of Political Science. You can also find out how to order lunch for you and your guests.

You can order lunch via the order form at the bottom of the page. If you need a username or password, please ask Birgit Kanstrup.

About the lunch scheme

Every day, a lunch menu is served in the kitchen in building 1330, which can be used by the department’s academic as well as technical/administrative staff members and the department’s guests.

The food

You can choose between two daily menus that each cost DKK 30, or you can choose today’s sandwich for DKK 20. NOTE: The salad bar is a part of the garnish for the menus if specified - i.e. not always!  The salad bar typically has three-five salads. Next week’s menu is available each Friday here on the staff portal.

Registration, payment and guests

You can order lunch for individual days by clicking the link. Remember to order your lunch no later than 23.59 on the previous day. You can register for several days at once. The price is DKK 30 per day.

Payment takes place when you sign up. You pay with your credit card via the university webshop. Payments made cannot be refunded.

Guests: If you want to provide a meal for guests via the lunch scheme, simply contact Birgit, who is responsible for registrations and payment. This option can be used in situations where it is customary for the department to pay for lunch. In that connection, please provide the following information:

  • The number of persons, incl. participants from the department
  • The occasion
  • The date

In case you are inviting private guests for lunch, which the department would not normally pay for, simply register normally. This option should be used with care and consideration, since the lunch scheme is primarily intended for the staff and guests of the department.

Registration deadline

You can register for lunch until 23:59 on the previous day. This includes Mondays, where you can register until 23:59 on Sunday.

Order lunch

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