Absence and holidays

What do I need to remember if I am absent on on holiday?

You must notify Birgit Kanstrup if you become ill or if you go on holiday.

Also remember to inform your students on Blackboard.

If Birgit does not hear from you regarding holidays, you will automatically be registered as having five weeks of vacation in the following periods provided that you have earned 5 weeks of vacation:

  • Four weeks in July (weeks 27, 28, 29 and 30)
  • One week for Christmas and New Year

Members of staff who have earned holiday allowance outside AU must always notify Birgit when they are taking holidays

Where can i check my holiday status?

You will accrue 2.08 days of paid vacation per month of work. 

After one year of employment, there is a special sixth holiday week, which you can choose to spend or receive payment for.

On mit.au.dk, you can keep an eye on how many holidays, special holidays and childcare days you have left.

If you have any questions, please contact

Birgit Kanstrup

Administrative Officer
H 1331, 128
P +4587165601

Or (if you are employed at CFA)

Jane Frølund Irming

Administrative Officer
H 1331, 021
P +4587165238
P +4530475419
37487 / i28