New Postdoc

Renaud-Philippe Garner is a new postdoctoral researcher at the Department

10.09.2020 | Line Kjær Vesterbæk

Renaud-Philippe Garner

Renaud-Philippe Garner. Foto: privat


Recently arrived in Aarhus, I am here to work on Marion Godman’s project “A sense of belonging” which focuses on group membership and group rights. Before arriving in Denmark, I was the Benson Center’s Bradley Scholar and a lecturer in the Philosophy Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. In March 2019, I received my PhD from the University of Toronto with a dissertation on patriotism.  

On the one hand, I am keenly interested in partiality – e.g. special duties, relationships, role obligations – and the difference between personal, e.g. friendship, and collective forms of partiality, e.g. national partiality. Naturally, I am also interested in social identities and how they differ from each other.
On the other hand, I work on just war theory. More specifically, I am interested in showing how revisionist theories fail to due justice to the conventional view or why their proposed alternatives are implausible. This coming spring, I should be teaching an MA seminar on just war theory.  

Because I am committed to the idea that practical theory must be capable of guiding choice and action hic et nunc, I strongly believe that philosophers and political theorists need to rely less on intuitions and more on findings from the human sciences. In my work, I have primarily drawn on findings in social psychology and historical cases studies. If this makes me a utopiaphobe, tant mieux! 

More broadly, I am interested in just about anything that concerns nationalism or collective identity, virtue theory, moral relativism, or the use of findings in the human sciences to inform normative theorizing.

Post scriptum 

My Danish is mostly limited to ‘Tak’, but I promise to work on it. 

Renaud-Philippe Garner, PhD


Postdoctoral Fellow