Ny videnskabelig assistent

Mathias Vestergaard skal henover forår og sommer beskæftige sig med medier og politik.

19.03.2019 | Mia Ulvgraven Nielsen

Media and politics, what a wonderful mix. At least, if you ask me. Therefore, I am very happy that I have been given the opportunity to spend time this spring and summer to do research on these topics. More precisely, I have been employed as a research assistant to study how election pledges are reported in the media, and whether the media follow up on these election pledges and hold politicians accountable. Additionally, I am writing a paper with Carsten Jensen, where we build on some of the insights I got when I wrote my Master’s thesis.

I received my Master’s degree in Political Science from Aarhus University in February this year. During my study time, I have been particularly interested in the influence of media, welfare policies, politicians and their priorities and voter preferences. In 2017, I took an internship at a Danish daily newspaper, where I got some experiences in working as a journalist. I hope to benefit from these experiences, when I am now going to work scientifically with my favorite fields of interest.

I look forward to meet you all.