Ny ph.d.-studerende: Filip Kiil

Filip Kiil er ny 4+4 ph.d.-studerende i afdelingen for Komparativ Politik>Politisk adfærd og institutioner.

26.02.2018 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

Hi everyone. I am Filip Kiil, a new 4+4 PhD student in the political behaviour and institutions section, supervised by Lene Aarøe and Jens Peter Frølund Thomsen.

I plan to investigate whether current changes in the media structures of advanced democracies promote selectivity in citizen’s political knowledge by increasing their choice over the amount of congenial and uncongenial facts they become exposed to. I am still in a very early phase of developing my project, which I am eager to discuss with anyone who is remotely interested in the topic :-)

I did my Bachelors and part of my Masters in political science here in Aarhus (and the rest of it at University of Texas in Austin and with Alternativet at Christiansborg).

I’m in room 1332-223 and I look forward to meeting the ones of you I still haven’t!