Ny ph.d.-studerende

Tobias Risse er ny ph.d.-studerende finansieret af bevillingen "Agenda setting in the UN General Assembly"

16.05.2019 | Birgit Kanstrup

My name is Tobias Risse and I am a new PhD student at the department. I am originally from the Rhineland, the western part of Germany, which I left for my double Master’s degree in political science at the Universities of Konstanz and Gothenburg. During my studies, I specialized in international politics, as well as peace and conflict research – a focus that I further deepened in my recent internship with the Terrorism Research Initiative.

My PhD thesis will be embedded in Daniel Finke’s project on Agenda Setting in the UN General Assembly. Given my research interests, I will try to contribute to the project by dealing with the area of arms control efforts in the UNGA, and with how domestic factors, such as outbreaks of political violence, might influence state preferences in that policy field. In addition to Daniel Finke, Svend-Erik Skaaning will also supervise my PhD project.

I am very much looking forward to living in Aarhus, to my work at the department, and to meeting you all. My office is in building 1331, room 213. Feel free to stop by!