Ny ph.d.-studerende

Clara Siboni Lund er ny ph.d.-studerende på Kronprins Frederiks Center for Offentlig Ledelse.

19.02.2019 | Mia Ulvgraven Nielsen

My name is Clara Siboni Lund. Recently, I started my PhD at Crown Prince Frederik’s Center for Public Leadership. My PhD project will be on the implementation of machine learning in the public administration from a leadership perspective.

Motivation and leadership in the public sector has been a core interest of mine since my BA. I spent the year of 2017 in San Francisco at Innovation Center Denmark and UC Berkeley. Through my stay in the valley the tech hype hit me. I decided to integrate the two paths in my Master’s thesis where I investigated social workers’ perception of the use of predictive risk models in the assessments of notifications of children at risk.

My ambition with the PhD project is to build on insights from the thesis and shed light on how public leaders can facilitate the implementation of predictive risk tools in the public sector supporting the interplay between professional knowledge and databased predictions.