Ny ph.d.: Oluf Gøtzsche-Astrup

Velkommen til Oluf, som skal forske i radikalisering.

07.09.2016 | Andreas G. Jensby

I am a new PhD-student in the department. For my PhD project, advised by Lasse Lindekilde and co-advised by Michael Bang Petersen, I will be looking at the way a fundamental uncertainty concerning the individual’s social identity and group membership influence radicalization, and whether risk factors such as personality and group processes moderate this relationship. With this core in mind, I hope to be able to point to areas of interest in the ongoing development and implementation of policies for identifying and countering radicalization.

I plan to study this relationship using both laboratory experiments, a large-scale survey and semi-structured interviews with at-risk individuals. I will be working within the larger project “How Radicalization Happens and is Countered”.

I have patchworked my way to master’s degrees in psychology from Aarhus University and University College London, and a bachelor’s degree in political science from this department. My core interest lies within political psychology and political sociology, although I am also very much interested in broadening my knowledge into other areas of the craft.

I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know life as a PhD student at the department and hearing about other projects and approaches, both in formal settings and over a cup of coffee.