Ny medarbejder

Carita Eklund begynder som videnskabelig assistent på CFA og fortsætter som postdoc, når hun har forsvaret sin ph.d.-afhandling.

12.02.2019 | Mia Ulvgraven Nielsen

Hej alle!

I am Carita and very happy to be returned to CFA on February 2019. I visited CFA for 1.5 years during my PhD so you might know me from there. My expertise lies broadly on innovation economics and I am keen on measuring innovation capabilities on the firm level, using both innovation surveys and register data. Currently, I am passionate about design questions, especially on how design competences can help innovation, and using intangible capital to predict innovations.

I start as a research assistant and after defending the dissertation at the University of Vaasa, Finland, I will continue working at CFA as a postdoc. I feel so happy to be back at CFA and Aarhus!

This time I am making more effort to learn Danish and I hope to participate the active social life around our department – even though my economist background will hinder me a bit with political jokes. See you around the campus!