Ny adjunkt: Lise Degn

Lise Degn er ansat som adjunkt på Dansk Center for Forskningsanalyse

16.10.2018 | Mia Ulvgraven Nielsen

Foto: Privat

Lise Degn is an assistant professor at The Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA). Lise did her PhD at CFA from 2010-2014 and has since worked as assistant professor at the Department of Learning and Philosophy at Aalborg University and the past two years at the Department of Educational Sociology at the Danish School of Education (DPU).

Lise’s research focus is on higher education governance and management and the conditions and characteristics of academic work. She is currently doing work on how research institutions work to implement and translate code of conduct for research integrity into their organizational structures, and how such translations affect the building and maintenance of research cultures. She is also working on projects on quality in higher education and responsible research and innovation.

Navne , Institut for Statskundskab