New visiting PhD student: Carita Eklund

Carita Eklund is a PhD student in economics from Finland. She is working at the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA) for six months.


Jeg hedder Carita and I am conducting research with Professor Carter Bloch. It will be part of our project “Critical Competencies for Value Creation in Finnish and Danish Manufacturing”. The publication will also be the second paper of my dissertation. The article-based dissertation focuses on endogenous growth, the externalities of knowledge and the county’s competitiveness. 

My educational background consists of BSc and MSc in Economics and business administration that I did both in a total of 3.5 years. I also had two exchange semesters: at Johannes Gutenberg Universität von Mainz and at Stanford University. Thus, this is my third (and the longest) stay abroad of which I am excited. Outside and inside work, I’m interested in languages and their grammas structure. 

It is a privilege to work here with you and I hope we can have a chat at some point. I am located at CFA, room 019.