New Research Assistant at CFA

Presentation of Massimo Graae Losinno

05.08.2020 | Line Kjær Vesterbæk

Massimo Graae Losinno

Massimo Graae Losinno. Foto: privat

”Hi! My name is Massimo and I am starting as a research assistant at CFA. I just recently finished my master thesis here at AU. I have studied both my BA and MA here at AU and I have also worked as a student assistant at CFA for more than the last three years. You therefore might have seen me getting coffee in the lounge.

I am quite interested in data science in general and working with data as text in particular. When I do not work with “sci-sci” at CFA, I work on other projects with data as text in my own time. I am always open to new interesting projects.


I am looking forward to begin my first full time position and I am happy that it is here at AU.”


Medarbejdere, Navne