New Research Assistant at CFA

Presentation of Mie Kusk Søndergaard

Mie Kusk Søndergaard
Mie Kusk Søndergaard. Foto: Privat

I am a new research assistant at the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA). In the beginning I will be working on PIQUED (Pathways to Improve Quality in Higher Education), where I will analyze qualitative data. Over time, I will also contribute to other projects with qualitative data collection, analysis, and insights.

I hold a Master’s degree in social anthropology from Aarhus University, and have since my graduation in 2019 worked as a research assistant on projects within public health. My research interests are broad, but include what can broadly be described as “why do people do as they do”, classic and experimental qualitative methods, equality work, research integrity, and implementation of interventions.

I am motivated by an almost pathological curiosity, and by working on projects that aim to improve human lives whether it be our knowledge, education, health or environment. When I do not work, I enjoy good books, winter swimming, time with my family, and learning new skills and facts (I also enjoy this AT work).

Feel free to contact me whether to discuss similar research interests, or to sate your own pathological curiosity!