New Postdoc

Jacob Nyrup is a new postdoctoral researcher at the Department

11.06.2020 | Birgit Kanstrup

I am a new postdoctoral researcher (or research assistant until I submit my PhD), who is working with Martin Vinæs Larsen at his AUFF-project for at least the next year. I will be in the Comparative Politics-section.

My research interests are quite broad, but I mainly work within comparative politics and political economy, and I am primarily a quantitative scholar. Substantively, I focus on three separate areas, namely authoritarian regimes, wealth inequality and Danish municipalities.

In the AUFF-project, I’ll primarily focus on the latter two. Martin and I have created a large dataset on Danish local politics, which we will use to look at questions related to coalition formation and political accountability. Furthermore, we are doing research into the politics of housing. During my time in Aarhus, I will also keep researching on authoritarian regimes. Currently, I am writing a paper with Casper Sakstrup and Suthan Krishnarajan on the effect of coup attempts on the cabinet composition in autocracies, and I am also working on the representation of women in cabinets across regime types.

Some of my research is published or forthcoming in the American Political Science Review and European Journal of Political Research. I am planning to submit my PhD in August, which I have taken at Nuffield College, University of Oxford with Ben Ansell as my supervisor. Here, I also worked with Ben on the ERC-funded project WEALTHPOL. During my PhD I have also been at exchange at Yale University under the supervision of Milan Svolik. I hold a MSc in Political Economy from LSE and a MSc in Political Science from University of Copenhagen.