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New Postdoc at the Department

Simon Karg is new Postdoc at the Department

Simon Karg. Photo: AU
Simon Karg. Photo: AU

My name is Simon Karg, and I just joined the STANDBY project, led by Lasse Lindekilde as a postdoc. Before, I did my Ph.D. at the Department of Management at Aarhus University, studying the phenomenon of collaborative corruption, i.e., when people collaborate in order to achieve dishonest goals. Combining my backgrounds in philosophy and psychology, I have developed a deep interest in morality, investigating moral behavior, judgments, and attitudes both philosophical and psychological angles. 
Within STANDBY, I am looking to explore how and when people stand up in face of online political hate speech. We will use a host of different methods and data sources, such as experiments, observational data from different social media sites, or interviews. I am excited to lead efforts in examining swathes of social media data, as well as building complex interactive experimental designs mimicking social media platforms. 
I am always happy to have a coffee and chat about the latest R or Python tip, as well as all things morality, of course. My office is 1331-221, so just come by!
I am looking forward to meeting many new faces and becoming a part of the department!