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New Postdoc at the Department

Tobias Widmann is new postdoctoral researcher at the Department

Tobias Widmann. Photo: private
Tobias Widmann. Photo: private

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome that I received at the department. 

My name is Tobias and I started as a Postdoc in the beginning of September in the Political Sociology section. Over the next years, I’ll be working on Kristina Bakkær Simonsen’s project “How and why immigration divides us: The role of moralization”. Using computational text analysis and a series of experiments, we want to find out how political elites use moralizing political rhetoric in relation to immigration and what political consequences this discourse carries for polarization and mobilization.  

Before coming to Aarhus, I was working on my PhD at the European University Institute in Florence which dealt with a related topic. My doctoral thesis focused on the communication of political parties and their strategic use of emotional language. To trace these emotional appeals, I applied a series of computational text analysis tools and relied on large amounts of different text data to analyze political discourse.

In general, I am very interested in how political actors communicate with the public and the consequences thereof. In terms of methodology, I would like to learn more about survey experiments and open science practices in the future. Also, even though I am already an avid user of text analysis methods, I would love to learn more about newest developments in machine learning and NLP. If you want to chat about these things (or anything else), you can find me in 1341-122. 

Outside of work, I am a big fan of reading novels (currently magic realism), Japanese cuisine, and watching movies. If anybody wants to watch a movie in ‘Øst for Paradis’, please let me know.

Looking forward to meeting you all.