New PhD student Ea Høg Utoft

Ea Høg Utoft's PhD project has the title: A Comparative Study of Motivation-

09.02.2017 | Birgit Kanstrup

My name is Ea Høg Utoft and I am happy to introduce myself as a new PhD student at The Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy.

Positive effects of organisational diversity, incl. gender, are well-documented, and public institutions and large businesses in Denmark are legally compelled address and rectify issues of gender inequality. Nevertheless – and surprisingly – many Danish organisations remain passive.

As such, my research will investigate motivations and assumptions about expected effects related to gender equality actions within knowledge intensive organisations.

I look forward to work with Evanthia K. Schmidt and Ebbe Graversen as my supervisors.

About me: I hold a BA of International Business Communication (Spanish and English language) and a MA of Business, Language and Culture specialised in HRM both from SDU in Odense. Since graduating in October 2015, I have been working as a teaching and research assistant at the Department of Marketing and Management at SDU, and as a teaching assistant at the Department of International Business Communication at CBS.

I am very excited to be part of the professional and collegial environment within the Department of Political Science and to get to know all of you.