New PhD Student at the Department

Presentation of Anna van Vree

Anna van Vree. Photo: Jenifer Laursen
Anna van Vree. Photo: Jenifer Laursen

Hello everyone!
My name is Anna van Vree, and I am new PhD student hired within the project “How and why immigration divides us: The role of moralization”  led by Kristina Bakkær Simonsen.  
My path to a Political Science PhD student has not been the most straightforward. At the University of Amsterdam, I did a bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on cognitive science, while taking minors in Gender & Sexuality and Artificial Intelligence. After that, I came to Aarhus University to do a master’s in Cognitive Semiotics. Described as ‘the study of meaning-making’, it incorporates fields such as cognitive linguistics, social cognition, philosophy, and communication. Throughout my studies, my projects were often inspired by political science and sociology, whether that was incorporating the element of systemic discrimination in psychological models or analyzing the cognitive effects of the use of the word ‘ghetto’ in Denmark and the political consequences. 
In our project, we will look at the rhetoric used by political agents that evoke morality, and the consequences of that on political behavior, polarization, and mobilization, using, among other things, computational text analysis and survey experiments. I will use my background in cognitive science and cognitive linguistics to focus on analyzing words individually and study the cognitive effects of moralizing political rhetoric. 
As you might be able to tell from my background, I am interested in a never-ending range of topics and I would love to discuss any or all with you. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing things from a new perspective! Hobby-wise, I enjoy hiking (preferably mountains but that is a little hard in Denmark), camping, gardening, and yoga. I am also always looking to give and receive TV-show recommendations! 
My office is at 1331-222, please stop by!