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New PhD Student at the Department

Presentation of Jannik Fenger

Jannik Fenger, Photo: Private
Jannik Fenger, Photo: Private

My name is Jannik Fenger and I just started as a PhD student at the department.


I did both my bachelor and master studies in Political Science here at Aarhus University. Therefore, I already know the surroundings quite well and it is nice to see a lot of familiar faces.


In my PhD project, I plan on examining how misleading information from political elites affect citizens’ political behavior. From the perspective of political parties and candidates, I expect misinformation to present a trade-off. On the one hand, political elites may be tempted to mislead citizens for strategic purposes. On the other hand, this strategy could entail a risk in case voters punish politicians if they find out they have been misinformed. Moreover, the political actors might also have an overlooked potential to successfully fight misinformation. Luckily, I am supervised by Martin Vinæs and Lene Aarøe, so I am in good company trying to answer some of these challenging questions. If anyone else find these questions interesting (or other ones related to misinformation) they are more than welcome to share their thoughts with me!


Besides misinformation, my research interests are quite broad including procedural fairness, social trust, attitudes towards ethnic minorities, partisan motivated reasoning and other political relevant biases.


In my spare time, I like playing different kinds of sports from soccer and tennis to spikeball and padel. I also enjoy drinking special beers and cardplaying.


You can find me in 1340-232 and you are all welcome to stop by. I look forward to meeting those of you that I have not already met.