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New PhD Student at Department of Political Science

Presentation of Ane Edslev Jacobsen

Ane Edslev Jacobsen, Photo: Private
Ane Edslev Jacobsen, Photo: Private

Hi all!
I began my PhD studies on the 1st of September, and people have been so welcoming – thank you! 

Organizationally, I’m in the Comparative Politics section. I research the nexus between taxation and collective action in the informal economy of Sub-Saharan Africa. Empirically, informal economies are characterized by varying levels and modes of both formal and informal taxation, a high degree of uncertainty, and hierarchies based on gender, occupation, ethnicity and social status. Therefore, informal workers are often regarded as a disadvantaged group. 

My project centers on the conditions under which such disadvantaged group is able to translate tax-related grievances into collective action with the purpose of making reciprocal demands on the state.  Drawing on fiscal sociology and the social movement literature, I hope to investigate how taxation motivates collective action among in an environment where capacities for collective action are relatively low. 

I have a MSc in Political Science from Aarhus University (ultimo 2018), which included fieldwork in Tanzania for my master thesis. The few past years, I’ve been working in the NGO sector, which has entailed a lot of North-South cooperation and given me practical insights into the complex world of international development. Hopefully, I can draw on both in my approach to the project and the empirical context.

Should you ever want to discuss taxation, fieldwork, political opportunity structures, or development issues in the Global South (or something remotely related to that), please reach out! 
Those are my favorite things to learn about – next to new music discoveries, yoga philosophy and how to grow tomatoes. 

You can find me in 1341-222.