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New PhD Student at Department of Political Science

Presentation of Lea Pradella

Lea Pradella. Photo: Private
Lea Pradella. Photo: Private

Hi everyone!

My name is Lea Pradella, and I am a new PhD student at the ‘Political Behavior and Institutions’-Section here at the Political Science Department.

I received my BA in Political Science with a minor in Psychology from the University of Mannheim and just finished the MSc in Political Science here at the department. Given that 3/4 of my Master's studies at AU were affected by the pandemic, I am even more excited to be a (physical) part of the department and to experience Aarhus and the university under more "normal" conditions.

Within my PhD project I am aiming to investigate reasons for and potential countermeasures against online political hostility. More specifically, I want to investigate how differences in information reception shape hostile behavior in political encounters on social media. In doing so, I draw on the theory of motivated reasoning and focus on potential pitfalls of the concept of accuracy goals. I argue that, contrary to what is predominantly assumed by the literature, accuracy goals are not necessarily a solution to biased behavior such as online political hostility. Instead, I propose an alternative way of information reception, called "active listening", which rather originates from the disciplines of normative political theory and conflict management, but also has roots in psychotherapy.

My main supervisor is Michael Bang Petersen and my co-supervisor is Lasse Lindekilde.

If you would like to have a (hopefully non-hostile) discussion about motivated reasoning or the dark side of human nature, please feel free to drop by my office (1341-222). I will be listening and am looking forward to suggestions, proposals and criticisms of any kind. However, if you would rather like to talk about basketball, exchange ideas about converting a van into a campervan, or improve/learn German, you are more than welcome to come around as well!

I am looking forward to meeting you all!