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New Phd Student at CEPDISC

Presentation of Ida Nørregaard Nielsen

Ida Nørregaard Nielsen. Photo: private
Ida Nørregaard Nielsen. Photo: private

My name is Ida, and I began my Ph.D. studies on the 1st of September. I have really enjoyed the first weeks at the department, and I still look forward to meeting more of you. I am thrilled to join such a stimulating research environment!
I am a part of CEPDISC and will contribute to a workgroup exploring the empirical objections to discrimination. My project will investigate how the use of statistical and anecdotal evidence influences the moral assessment of discriminatory acts, both in the private and professional spheres. My main supervisor is Andreas Albertsen, and my co-supervisor is Martin Vinæs. 
My research interests are wide-ranging, but I am presently occupied with questions about when and why people perceive discrimination to be morally objectionable, statistical discrimination, moral cognition, and the role of empirical methods when investigating moral questions.
Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and exploring art and cultural scenes – as well as a cozy night in with a good book. You can find me in building 1340 room 232, and I am always up for a chat – whether it is academic or social!