Ny ph.d.-studerende: Alexander Taaning Grundholm

Velkommen til Alexander som har Jakob Tolstrup som vejleder og Morten Valbjørn som bivejleder.

13.09.2016 | Andreas G. Jensby

My name is Alexander Taaning Grundholm, and I am a new 4+4 PhD student at the department. I will be working on an independent project concerning third party interventions in autocratic states experiencing popular uprisings or similar threats to regime survival.

The project will focus both on the external actors’ motivations for intervening in the conflicts as well as the effects on regime survival of various types of interventions. My main supervisor is Jakob Tolstrup, and my co-supervisor is Morten Valbjørn. In addition to my own project, I am also going to be affiliated with the Conflict and Democratization (CODE) project for the duration of my employment.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Aarhus University (and will hold a master’s degree from the department as well within the first two years of my employment). During my time as a student at the department, I have worked both as a research assistant and as a teaching assistant on several different courses, and I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to work here full-time.

I look very much forward to meeting and getting to know you all and to taking part in the great community – academically as well as socially – of the department.