New PhD student

Nanna Vestergaard Ahrensberg is new PhD student at the Department

Nanna Vestergaard Ahrensberg
Nanna Vestergaard Ahrensberg. Foto: Privat

Hi! My name is Nanna Vestergaard Ahrensberg, and I am a new PhD student at the Sociology-Section.

I hold a BA and a MA in Political Science from Aarhus University and graduated January 2021. I am interested in how intercultural education affects civic and educational outcomes in the short and long run. During my studies, I had the chance to visit almost all Muslim faith schools in Denmark as Per Mouritsen’s research assistant – which motivated my PhD project.

My PhD project investigates how pupils from Muslim faith schools adjust emotionally, socially and academically in the transition to high school. Faced with a great “transitional disruption” from a cultural coherent primary school to a bigger and more heterogeneous high school, the project asks whether they experience more or less adjustment difficulties than peers transitioning from public schools. Furthermore, the project studies the role of individual and school-level risk and protective factors for the pupils’ adjustment. Aiming to understand the transitional effects, the project is longitudinal in nature, relying on both quantitative and qualitative methods.

My main supervisor is Simon Calmar Andersen and my co-supervisor is Kristina Bakkær Simonsen.

When not being at my home office, I enjoy long walks and winter swimming. When we (hopefully soon) get back to campus, please feel free to drop by my office for coffee machine-talks or discussions on intercultural education, school transitions or related issues. It is located in room 1332/224 – the office Svend Auken had, so I have been told J I look very much forward to meeting you!